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Adventure Ally Ltd is a fresh initiative designed to deliver a complete package for travellers and students alike to broaden their horizons in the zoology field. 

The creator and director of Adventure Ally, Ally Sharp has worked across Africa for over a decade, in various conservation initiatives from the great white shark to the gorilla!

Adventure Ally Ltd offers a vast array of knowledge on the biodiversity and conservation projects the amazing continent of Africa has to offer. 

Here at Adventure Ally we can offer several packages for those wishing to volunteer and intern at our various projects. All of our associated projects are guaranteed to have a positive impact on conservation and the community in the areas that they are based. 

As well as offering volunteer and internship opportunities we also provide residential trips catered to the exact requirements of any institute's needs. 


Adventure Ally Ltd currently offers projects on elasmobranchs, primates, ungulates, cetaceans and many other orders!

Want to know more about booking the adventure of a life time? Get in contact today! Let Adventure Ally give you your best adventure yet.  



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