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If you've always dreamed of dive adventures that are not only with amazing and eco-friendly dive operators, but with those that allow you to experience some of the world's most breathtaking wildlife, Adventure Ally can help! Diving in South Africa is a life changing experience, and we can help you organise specific dive trips such as to see the sardine run, or to meet great white sharks, or even just help you organise a trip to explore South Africa's stunning reef system. Keep reading to discover more. 

dive the sardine run

The sardine run is one of the world's most extraordinary wildlife phenomenons. Diving the sardine run means experiencing amazing species including dolphins, whales, sharks and several bird species. Adventure Ally can help you dive with their trusted dive centre in South Africa and experience this feat for yourself! 

Dive with tiger sharks

If diving with tiger sharks sounds like the adrenaline rush you've been looking for, then Adventure Ally is with you! There are very few places that you can safely view tiger sharks in their natural environment, but South Africa's Aliwal Shoal has some of the world's safest and quality tiger shark viewing in the world. 

Dive with great white sharks 

Great White Sharks are the world's most recognisable of shark species. Adventure Ally can help you see great whites in the cool waters of Cape Gaansbaai while cage diving, every shark diver's dream! 

Dive with sand tiger sharks

Sand Tiger Sharks, more often known as "raggies" are often considered some of the most amazing sharks to dive with. This dive allows you to see how some of the most fearsome looking sharks are actually some of the most relaxed! Getting up close and personal to this amazing species is one of the most sought after dive experiences. 

dive in south africa

Do you know that you want to dive in one of the most amazing areas of the world, but don't know exactly what species you want to see? Adventure Ally can help you organise the dive trip of a lifetime! We don't just offer trips to see sharks, or just the sardine run. The Aliwal Shoal is a cast reef system that is as shallow as 7m and as deep as 38m, with hundreds of dive spots! If this sounds like your thing, contact us today!

Would you like to dive elsewhere in the world?

If diving in South Africa isn't your thing, Adventure Ally can help you organise tailor made world wide dive packages to suit you! We can provide exclusive packages for every diving need, in some of the most beautiful places on Earth! If you'd like our help in the dive trip of a lifetime, contact us today. 




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