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Adventure Ally doesn't just provide volunteering and internship adventures, we also provide fantastic eco tourism adventures too! If you're looking for an adventure rather than just a "normal" holiday, we are the company for you. Adventure Ally provides an array of adventures with approved organisations at the forefront of conservation and scientific research. See below for all our current adventures. They can all be catered specifically for your booking to make your experience amazing!

African safari

Have you ever dreamed of an African Safari? Well Adventure Ally can help you with that! Adventure Ally can provide safaris all over Africa, with several trusted operators so that you can get the most out of your amazing adventure. 

Orca expeditions

If you want to watch amazing orca in Norway, Adventure Ally is for you! Expeditions are hosted by professionals in orca research and expeditions mean you can see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat and learn all about this iconic species. Not only can you see these amazing creatures, but this expedition also allows you to snorkel with orca. Not only can this expedition let you see orca, but also other cetaceans such as humpback whales!

Chimpanzee and gorilla expeditions

Chimpanzees and gorillas are an intense and impressive species to experience, and if you want to get face to face with some of our closest relatives, Adventure Ally can help you organise an amazing adventure in Uganda. Uganda is also known as the Pearl of Africa, so not only will this adventure mean seeing the amazing species in Uganda, but also the beautiful scenery that comes with such a trip. Safaris can be individually tailored to your adventure, ask Adventure Ally what we can do for you!

Great white shark expeditions

Would you like to cage dive with great white sharks on an expedition led by one of the world's leading experts? Well Adventure Ally can help! Not only will this expedition include amazing up close experiences with great white sharks, but also the possibility of seeing some of South Africa's other amazing species including fur seals, common dolphins, southern right and Brydes whales, African penguins and many other sea birds! Seeing one of the world's most brilliant apex predators is an absolute thrill, Adventure Ally can help you have the adventure of a life time. 



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