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Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain amazing experiences! Either to add to a CV, application or to hone your skills. Or even to have a fantastic adventure, volunteering is a great way to make a difference in conservation projects and have the experience of a lifetime!

Adventure Ally offers several volunteering adventures, with all sorts of species. Check out our opportunities below!

Volunteer with marine taxa

Adventure Ally can organise volunteering with an array of marine taxa! From Great White Sharks to Whale Sharks to Southern Right Whales, with Adventure Ally, volunteers can gain amazing experiences in both South Africa and the Honduras with stunning marine life. 

Volunteering with marine taxa means getting up close and personal with species while aiding in conservation and scientific research. 

Activities could include whale and shark watching, cage diving, shark tagging, the use of BRUVs,snorkelling for sharks, beach clean ups, whale monitoring, and scuba diving! Much of our volunteer holds focus on shark biodiversity and abundance, South Africa has the second highest number or shark species endemic to its coast line!

Volunteer with elephants

With Adventure Ally, our volunteers can volunteer with elephants in Namibia! Being a direct part of elephant conservation and monitoring, our volunteers can protect water points from elephant damage, help track and collect data on local elephant herds, and even sleep out in the open under the stars of the Namibian desert! Volunteering in elephant conservation is a mixture of physical work, and beautiful experiences!

volunteer with lions

Adventure Ally is proud to work with the Kevin Richardson Foundation! Volunteering with one of Africa's big cats and many other carnivores is an incredible experience. See how the Kevin Richardson Foundation contributes to big cat welfare, and provides sanctuary for several lions. The Kevin Richardson Foundation is a prime example of the Adventure Ally ethos of conservation by education.

Volunteer with vervet monkeys

Volunteering with vervet monkeys is an adventure all of its own! Volunteering with vervet monkeys means aiding in the rehabilitation and release of individuals with injuries or illnesses, allowing rehabilitation and wherever possible, release back into the wild. If you're looking for hands on and up close volunteering, this may be the adventure for you!

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